FIBArk 2011- Part 3 – Night Life

One of the highlights of FIBArk for us this year was the night time free concerts. I always love free music, even if it isn’t that good, but that wasn’t a concern with this weekend. This year, the Saturday night headliner band was one that I’ve been wanted to see for a while now and heard a ton about! The band was Hells Belles, an all women AC/DC cover band. My camera battery was long gone, but Evan captured a bit of it via iPhone.

hells belles

We showed up a bit late but we still got our faces rocked off as Evan would say. It was pretty much awesome. Here’s a little video Evan captured too. They had so much energy and sounded amazing!

Hells Belles @ FIBArk 2011 – Salida, CO

After the concert ended we went to our new favorite hangout in Salida, Fritz aka Mr. Fritzy’s. They have a great patio with live music. The band playing was Bonnie and The Beard. They played a set of gypsy-type rock then a second more rock/alternative set. They were fantastic! After the show, a couple of us even bought their CD. Sorry, no pictures of Bonnie and The Beard were taken. Boo.

Saturday was a super long day and a late, late night for me. I had a great night’s sleep in the tent!


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