Bong Coffee

It was a special morning here in our household. I was being awesome and making Evan coffee when he got out of the shower and announced that he would be making “bong coffee” this morning. It’s not actually called “bong coffee”, obviously. But look at the photos and tell me you wouldn’t call it that as well. Even my parents call it that :) Anyhow, this is an amazing coffee-making tool that Evan got from my parents for Christmas. It’s a “bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker” and it makes the most amazing coffee you’ll ever drink, even if you use cheap-o grinds. I’m pretty pumped that Evan made the choice to use this today!

Basically, you put the water in the bottom globe, grinds in the top glove and there is a filter in the tube between them. Then you just put it on the stove.
vacuum coffee

When the water boils it gets sucked up into the top globe where the coffee grinds are. Once all of the water is into the top globe, you take it off the heat and the water begins to drain back into the bottom globe, but as coffee now!

Then you just hold your horses for a few minutes while the rest of the coffee now drains to the lower globe.

Once it’s fully brewed, you pull the top globe off and put it in the stand that comes with the coffee maker.

And now you have a super delicious pot of coffee!

The coffee that this coffee maker produces is super smooth, not acidic, very clean tasting, and downright amazing! Along side my amazing coffee I had a bowl of mixed berries for breakfast. I am sure I’ll be starving shortly, but fresh berries with this coffee just sounded perfect.

Yesterday’s Meal Recap

Morning Snack
I had a handful of almonds at about 11am to hold me over until lunch.
almonds in hand

Lunch was not a turkey sammie! Instead I had a Chipotle Veggie burger, on a half a tortilla with refried beans, a slice of cheese and a little bit of jalapeno dip. On the side I had a green bell pepper and some hummus.
veggie burger and pepper

I don’t have any photos of last night’s dinner because unfortunately we were at a memorial service. I did have some excellent food though, a small plate of mixed cheese and meat, a few crackers, a slice of marble rye, and a bit of fruit. I also had a hot dog and a half a piece of apple pie. Not the most well-rounded meal, but still not too awful.

Have some house stuff to do this morning then it’s off to work.

Do you use any non-traditional coffee-making methods? i.e. not a drip coffee maker, but a french press, percolator, etc?

6 thoughts on “Bong Coffee

  1. Karen

    I want some bong coffee!!! That sounds amazing!!! I’m still flying high from my fudge brownie coffee find, but yours definitely sounds like it would steal the show! :)

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