45 Minute Lunch Workout

I grabbed the camera and brought it with me to work this morning, but I left the memory card in the computer. Doh! Regardless, it ended up to be a pretty good day that included iced coffee, a kick-butt lunch time workout, office packing, and a massage!

Morning Snacks

My strained yogurt wasn’t enough to hold me over this morning. I snacked on a mini Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cliff Bar mid-morning and had an apple a few minutes before my run.

mini cliff bar

Lunchtime Workout: Running Drills & Sprints

Since I didn’t get up to workout this morning, I brought my workout clothes with me to work for a little lunchtime action. I packed a lot of drills, sprints, and running into the limited time I had and by the end my butt was kicked and I felt great! I started with a half mile run to a park, where I ditched my shoes and did another half of a mile on the grass. The soggy, squishy, swampy grass. After my warm-up I did a bit of stretching and moved on to running/spring drills. I did all of the drills I did the last time I did drills, plus the following. I did each 15-20 times.

  • elephant walk (straight legs, hands on ground in front of feet)
  • single leg butt kicks
  • single leg high knees
  • backward run
  • single leg hopping tuck jump
  • double leg hop for height
  • double leg hop for distance
  • walking forward kicks
  • walking backward kicks
  • knee lift til thigh is parallel to ground, rotate toward outside keeping leg parallel, back to center, step forward

Following drills, I did barefoot short sprints. I sprinted all out for about 20 seconds, then recovered by jogging 45-55 seconds. I repeated this a total of 8 times which ended up being about a mile total. I then jogged a slow half of a mile barefoot, put my shoes on, stretched a bit, then jogged the half of a mile back to the office.


We still have no food at home and I had a few scraps in the refrigerator at work. I ended up having some turkey, a slice of swiss cheese and some strawbs for lunch. Not super satisfying, but I wasn’t super hungry anyhow.

turkey cheese strawbs

After work I ran more errands and just happen to find myself next door to Whole Foods. I couldn’t resist, I wanted greens so bad! I feel like I haven’t had them in ages. So I headed in with a mission for greens and salad makings. Of course, I ended up buying plenty of other stuff that I didn’t really need, but luckily I kept it under $25.
Oganic Girl greens have never done me wrong, I love that they are pre-washed so I don’t have to worry about it and they’ve always been really good quality in my opinion. Somewhat spendy, yes, but I think it’s worth it. I planned on getting tat soi, but they only had big bags and I wasn’t sure we’d use it all before it went bad so I picked up Super Greens! They were in a smaller package. Super Greens are a mix of  swiss chard, tat soi, arugula and spinach. I mean, how could I resist any greens that have POW! on the label. They must be good and good for me!
super greens
I also picked up this cookie because when I saw it, it reminded me of these cookies and they sounded amazing but I don’t have the time to make them myself right now. Whole Foods version was a bit crumbly. It turned into dessert before dinner when I ate about half of it and saved the other half for Evan. Good, but not obviously not that good or I would have eaten the whole thing and hidden the evidence so Evan never knew I didn’t save him any. :)
whole foods cookie


With a little bit of cookie in my tummy I was able to hold my hunger back enough to actually cook my dinner. I grilled a Black and Blue Angus burger and made a salad with my new greens plus some other goodies from whole foods – oil cured black olives and pepper cheddar. I also added a few hot pepper rings and some Ken’s Light Caesar dressing. A bunch of the greens ended up on my burger post-photo. I put my burger on a whole grain sandwich thing and added some fat-free creamy blue cheese and Franks Red Hot too!

burger salad

I also got a few of these sweet treats at Whole Foods. They’re Raspberry Licorice Hearts and I like them as a little sweet after dinner, but they are so chewy I can only have a few.

raspberry licorice hearts

It’s getting late and I have a few more things to do before bed. Goodnight!

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