Weekend Recap: Winter Park Camping & Downhilling

This weekend kicked butt. It just might be remembered as on of the best weekends ever.

Saturday: Winter Park

We got packed up and out of the house fairly early Saturday morning to go downhill mountain biking at Winter Park then camp and ride more. I was super pumped to finally have a chance to go downhilling because I got new upper body armour. I had been wearing nothing and that definitely doesn’t make you look hardcore, just dumb. I felt tough in my new armour, don’t I look it too?

New armour

Even though I was still very sore from the fourteeners, I rode pretty hard for most of the day. Evan and I rode a bunch together which is always really fun; chasing him makes me go much faster!

At one point, which ended up being my last run, I thought I was taking the “big boy line” when really it ended up just being the bad line and I crashed pretty good. I knew I hit my hands, my head, my knee and my hip, but had no idea I hit my chest until Evan pointed the rip on my shirt at the end of the run. Armour works! Yay! I didn’t make it my last run because I fell, I just was getting super super tired.

Evan kept riding and I went to the Cheeky Monk, a Belgian beer cafe. They have the most amazing selection of beers and great food. It was happy hour and one of my favorites, Stone IPA, was on special so I ordered one up along with some frites. The frites are to die for, no seriously.

frites & beer cheeky monk

I ended up having another beer before Evan even finished riding and a third when he joined me for a beer and the rest of my frites.

After hanging for a bit we took off to set-up camp. We got a tip on a good stop from the buddy we were riding with, but when we got to the spot it was taken. We kept exploring a bit and just about a mile up the road was an even better spot with awesome views.

camp spot

In one direction we could see Winter Park ski area.

winter park viewAnd in the other direction was our heads! Just kidding, it was the town of Winter Park. Tough to see but it’s down there in the valley behind those two happy campers!

winter park evan steph

Once camp was set-up we had to go to the grocery store, we didn’t have enough food to bring with us to make a meal. After the grocery we swung by to visit a co-worker and her family that were in town for the weekend. We had a beer with them and snacked on some chips with their homemade tomatillo mango salsa which was amazing! Just as they were busting into his famous enchiladas we took off or else we would have eaten every last bit of their food.

Back at camp, we caught up with some other friends that were in the area for the weekend and decided to join us at our camp site, then we made dinner! Beef and vegetable stir fry on a bed of Ramen noodles. Quite good for a no thought, quick-prep, camp meal at 10pm! Thanks headlamp for acting as a flash for my iPhone!

beef stir fry at camp

The full day of activity , late night meal, and cozy tent left me to sleep like a rock!

Sunday: SolVista Bike Park

Without even realizing it, we are always up early when we camp. This morning when Evan got up at 6:30 I refused. I slept for another hour, still not that late but way better. Evan, being awesome like he is, had already started breakfast when I got up. So, I tore down most of camp, then helped him out with breakfast, which was entirely made in one skillet.

First, bacon.


Second, tots cooked in bacon grease.

tots in bacon grease

Third, eggs cooking in tot and bacon grease. Last, serve together. Not super healthy, but holy bacony yum!

camp breakfastThere was also unpictured French Press coffee. One of my favorite parts of camping.

Once our bellies were full we cleaned up and packed up the last few camp items then headed off to SolVista Bike Park at Granby Ranch about 30 minutes away.

Today, SolVista was hosting the Suckerpunch dowhill race. This race had a very unique format. The basic concept was that each entrant had a punch card with each trail at the area listed on it. In order to finish the race, each trail must be ridden and gotten punch on your card. The first to present the fully-punched card wins.

Neither Evan nor I were very motivated to ride, I was in a bacon coma and super sore, and Evan rode really hard on Saturday. We didn’t plan on racing, but Matt T. who runs the bike park convinced us by telling us how amazing the prizes we could win were. Free stuff? Okay, we’re in. Mind you, I had never ever been in a bike race or any kind before.

The race was freaking amazing. So awesome it needed it’s own post. After all, it was my first bike race. Ever.

After the race and awards we were starving. I wasn’t feeling super awesome and needed food. We hit the road back toward home with the intention of stopping at a sandwich shop in Winter Park. As we drove through Fraser, I sadly looked toward where my favorite pizza place in Colorado used to be and was disappointed that they had closed. When we pulled into the sandwich shop parking lot, we parked in front of a pizza shop. I thought there was no chance it was the same place, but Evan went in to check and sure enough, it was! They had just moved! I was so psyched that they hadn’t closed up shop for good! So, we had pizza for dinner. A lot of it.

One slice plain, one slice spinach and ricotta, anitpasto, and I had a few bites of Evan’s meatball sub. So delicious. DeAntionio’s (I didn’t know it had a name until today) is the best pizza I have had in Colorado by far.

DeAntonios Pizza

Awesome weekend. So tired. Still.

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