Weekend Recap: Opening Day & Opening Doors

Bam! Just like that winter is here. We went straight from summer with 75-80 degree weather on Thursday to snow in the Front Range and skiing in Southwest Colorado on Saturday. A co-worker said it best when he said “Spring, Summer, and Snow are our seasons.” That said, I think we have some more seasonable weather heading our way at the end of this week.

This weekend was an awesome frenzy of activity. I found it to be a nice change after several weekends of just doing odds and ends around home.

Saturday: Opening Day at Wolf Creek!

I will just use this time to reiterate what I posted in my Opening Day post. It was freaking awesome! I cannot believe we were skiing at all on October 8th, let alone skiing perfect powder conditions. I can only hope the rest of the season brings more days like Saturday!

Not only was the skiing a treat, but I also love driving through small towns in Colorado, especially on the way to the southwest. We don’t head that direction as much, so I love checking out new towns or revisiting spots we enjoyed in the past. We did just that on the way home. After a long day of excitement and skiing, we were in need of a pick-me-up part way home. We stopped at a little coffee shop/general store/gift shop/diner on in Villa Grove that we had been to once before.

This is the coffee shop, but you usually order and pay in the store/diner/shop, next door.

coffee shop villa grove colorado

I had a delicious cinnamon latte, not too sweet, and just the right amount of real cinnamon flavor. Evan and I also shared this giant vegan chocolate chip cookie. It was really about twice the size, we dove into it before I snapped a photo.

cinnamon latte choc chip cookie

We got home at 8:30ish and pretty much unpacked and hit the hay.


We slept in Saturday morning. It was glorious. It was also super chilly in our house because I refuse to turn on the heat. I did not want to get out of bed.


I was more inclined to get out of bed once we decided on getting bagels for breakfast. Big Daddy Bagel was just calling our names! I’m a bagel snob (and pizza snob, and Italian food snob, and coffee snob…) and I do think Big Daddy had good bagels, but their service sucks. Big Daddy managers if you’re reading this assign your people to certain tasks! Five people just randomly doing things and bouncing between taking orders, making bagels, making coffee, and checking people out does not work!

Anyhow, off of my how to run your business tangent, I had an Italiano bagel with green olive cream cheese, egg, sausage, and provolone. Not the healthiest of choices, but it was really good.

big daddy bagelRun

My bagel and coffee were delicious, but didn’t really make for the best pre-run meal. Oh well, I survived. I planned on running the Golden Gallop course, but given my breakfast choice, I needed to change it up a bit to visit a rest room and I had to avoid construction.


I kind of but not really ran this.

I ended up covering a little over 7 miles and after my quick pit stop felt pretty good.

Habitat for Humanity Opening Doors Art Auction

In the afternoon my parents and I went to the a fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity. This first-year event was an art auction at the Metro Denver ReStore. Local artists off all kinds donated art and visitors participated in a silent auction on most of the pieces of art, and a few were saved for a live auction at the end of the event. It was a really great event and the ReStore is really cool. I will definitely be going back to check it out and pick up some stuff for DIY projects or even some furniture.

A couple of my favorite pieces were this door in the middle, which my parents ended up winning! Yay!

habitat for humanity art auction

And this chair that was made from a six panel door and could be moved into several different positions. It was really cool and ended up being one of the highest ticket items in the live auction.

habitat for humanity art auction chair


After the art auction I hung at my parent’s place and Evan came over for dinner. They needed help eating a bunch of leftovers and we were the people for the job. It was like a 4-course meal.

We started with some dip and crostini’s for an appetizer.

Then we moved on to Chicken & Wild Rice soup.

chicken wild rice soup

After soup we had our main courses, enchiladas (yes, these enchiladas) and Quiche.

enchiladas and quiche

From there we took a little break to watch ridiculous things on YouTube like Punkin Chunkin – it’s a sport, look it up – and Demon the Biker Chihuahua.

Dessert Time!

I started with just some of Jessica’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie with pumpkin ice cream. I might not have been  my first piece of this pie for the day. Just sayin’.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookie pie

There was also Apple Gallette that I couldn’t resist. So somehow a piece of that ended up on my plate too.

pumpkin pie and apple gallette

Fall-time desserts are my favorite, sweet and spicy, warming and comforting. Makes me want to curly up by a fireplace with a blanket. I might have also done that after dessert ;)

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying fall-like weather?

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